What's Happening at Webb Ortho

Invisalign TOP 1%!

• Dr. Colin Webb

Did you know that our doctors are TOP 1% Diamond Plus Invisalign Providers!! This is the highest designation attainable! They can treat many complex cases even if you have previously been told you are not a candidate! To be designated as a Diamond Plus provider, an orthodontist must perform at least 200 cases every 6 months--our doctors perform WELL over that threshold, so you're in good hands!

TWO Years in a row!

• Dr. Colin Webb

"BEST ORTHODONTIST IN CHARLOTTE!" Webb Orthodontics is very honored to have been voted by the readers of South Charlotte Lifestyle Magazine as the best orthodontist in Charlotte two years running! This is not a paid advertisement and praise from our patients is the best compliment we can receive!


• Dr. Colin Webb

The iTero Element intraoral digital impression scanner is the latest in digital dentistry. The scanner can create highly accurate and precise digital models of your teeth to be used for manufacturing retainers, Invisalign treatment, and much more. The iTero Element records the surfaces of your teeth at 6000 frames per second as one of our assistants slides it along your teeth. What's so great about that? Well now there is no need for gooey impressions and we have your digital models of your teeth stored in the cloud forever. If you ever need a new retainer, in most cases we can make them based off your teeth when you completed treatment without having to take new impressions!


• Dr. Colin Webb

We are so pleased and excited to announce that two of our Webb Orthodontics patients have been voted the 8th grade superlative "BEST SMILE" at AG Middle School for the 2015 school year. Our entire practice couldn't be more proud!! Dr. Webb treated both Sallie and Hamilton plus other members of their families! A big CONGRATULATIONS to you both!!

What to do if a Tooth is knocked out!?

• Dr. Michael Webb

We have all heard stories about kids having a permanent tooth knocked out. Then, in the excitement of the moment, we don't take the necessary steps to save the tooth. Here are some quick guidelines to help you make the might the right decisions:

First, the amount of time the tooth is out of the mouth is the most critical factor.

Second, the way we handle the tooth while it is out of the mouth.

And third, where do we go to have it replaced?


  1. Amount of time the tooth is out:

Starting with time, the sooner the tooth is replaced the better for long term retention of the tooth. After 60 minutes out of the mouth in a dry environment, the chances of keeping the tooth long term is very limited.

  1. How to handle the tooth:

With this in mind, first we have to find the tooth and check to see if the tooth is intact and not broken. Do not wipe off the tooth and only touch the tooth by the crown, not the root surface. Place the tooth in a liquid to help maintain the tissue that is attached to the root. Never place the tooth in tap water or distilled water as this will kill the cells in a few minutes. The best mediums to place the tooth is milk. Studies show it does not matter if it is whole, skim, coconut, or almond milk. This will preserve the tooth while getting to your dentist’s office. If you are on a ball field, Gatorade or coconut water will suffice. If a single tooth is knocked out then it is best to rinse off with milk or Gatorade and immediately replace pushing the tooth up into the bone until it is level with the adjacent teeth or into the position where it was to begin with. The tooth will need to be stabilized by a dentist.

  1. Where to go:

Your primary dentist is the first choice to have the tooth re-implanted, however, if you are in braces then we as orthodontists can do this as well. As dentists, we know the steps necessary to re-implant the tooth with the best chance of long term retention.

Just remember, stay calm and follow these simple steps and you can increase the chances of keeping your tooth for years to come! 

Best Smile at Carmel Middle School!

• Dr. Colin Webb

Congratulations to Ally! We love it whenever any of our patients are recognized and awarded, but we REALLY love it when they are recognized for their great SMILE! Keep showin' off those pearly whites!! 

Webb Orthodontics and the Charlotte Knights

• Dr. Michael Webb

The Webb Orthodontics family is excited about the Charlotte Knights' move to the new BB&T Stadium in uptown Charlotte. Look out for the “Webb Orthodontics Smile Cam” next time you’re at the ballpark!!

Amanda, her husband Nathan, and his sisters enjoyed a recent game, sporting their Webb Orthodontics sunglasses along the way.

We want you to join in the Knights fun, so we're giving away tickets for games throughout the summer. Ask at your next office visit or check out our Facebook page to see how you can win a family four-pack of tickets for the HomePlate Club from Webb Orthodontics.

Win Knight's Tickets For Your Family!

• The Webb Ortho Team

Webb Orthodontics is giving away a family 4 PACK of Charlotte Knights’ tickets and a parking pass for the following dates…

June 9, June 23, June 24 and June 30. First pitch is at 7:05.  

For a chance to win write us review on:



*Write a review on each site to increase your odds of winning, but only unique reviews count--duplicates will not be considered!*
Get your entries in before June…we will hold a drawing and dates are on 1st come 1st serve basis so.
Good Luck!

Dr. Colin Webb Was Recently Published!

• The Webb Ortho Team

We are very excited to announce that Dr. Colin Webb's research on occlusion was recently published in the prestigious journal "Orthodontic Practice US." Occlusion is the dental term for how the top and bottom teeth come in contact when chewing or at rest for instance. Dr. Webb performed an exhaustive review of the current evidence-based literature with regard to occlusion and then surveyed orthodontists across the country to see if they agreed with the research. Click here to read the article!

Panthers Ticket Giveaway!!

• Dr. Colin Webb

We have contests throughout the Carolina Panthers' season and give free tickets to the winners! Be sure to participate at your next appointment for YOUR chance to win!!

See the most recent winner's video here!