Video Gallery

Webb Orthodontics’ videos give you an inside look at the fun we have with patients, through contests and more. Plus, we offer helpful instructional videos on how to care for your braces and your teeth during treatment.

T Shirt winner drawing take 2!

Recorded on August 1, 2012 using a Flip Video camera.

T Shirt winner drawing take 3!

Recorded on August 1, 2012 using a Flip Video camera.

Webb Orthodontics June T-shirt Winner

Congratulations to Caroline Alba for winning our monthly t-shirt contest! We’re sure she’s going to have fun shopping at Target with her new giftcard!

Rachel’s removal day at Webb Orthodontics

Rachel got her braces off today and we are so excited for her. Congratulations Rachel on your beautiful smile and enjoy being brace free!

Wesley & Julian are going to see One Direction!

Julian and Wesley are so excited to see One Direction in concert tonight! Julian got her braces off today and both girls are ready to flash their beautiful smiles and show them off. We’re sure they’re going to have a blast!!

Garrett’s teeth look awesome!

Garrett has an amazing smile and we’re so excited for him! Congratulations Garrett for getting your braces off and keep on smiling!

Joya with Brittany Kerr from American Idol at Webb Orthodontics

We were so excited to see Brittany when she came in for her appointment today! Since Joya loves to sing and usually belts out tunes throughout the office, we tried to get her to sing a duet with Brittany. It was the one time we couldn’t get Joya to sing! We wish Brittany luck in her future endeavors as she heads out to Hollywood to start her career. Keep an eye out for her!

Rocky Webbster shows off his upper body strength

Rocky does everything he can to get food when he’s hungry. We really enjoy having him come to hang out with us at Webb Orthodontics and our patients love watching him while they’re getting their teeth worked on!

Rocky stops by for breakfast at Webb Orthodontics

Rocky, our mascot here at Webb Orthodontics, came by to visit and say hi to all the patients.

Lauren’s flipping over her smile at Webb Orthodontics!

Lauren had her braces removed on March 26th and she was so excited about her new smile that she did back flips down the hallway! Great job Lauren and your teeth look amazing!

Rocky Webbster, the Webb Orthodontics mascot!

Rocky Webbster has been coming up to the back windows here at Webb Orthodontics and we make sure to feed him everyday by lining the back windows with pecans. He loves to come up and say hi to our patients. Be sure to look for Rocky the next time you’re in for an appointment! Ask for Melissa to work on you because her chair is right near the window where Rocky comes to!

Gracie Bartel is a winner at Webb Orthodontics!

Gracie Bartel won a $20 giftcard to Target for wearing her Webb Orthodontics tshirt to her appointment. Congratulations Gracie on being our January contest winner!