Debunking the Myths About Orthodontics

Debunking The Myths About Orthodontics

In this post, we’ll talk about debunking the myths about orthodontics.

Recently, we were happy to see Dr. Colin Webb’s article shared by City Lifestyle Charlotte and South Charlotte Lifestyle. 

Importantly, the article covers some of the misconceptions that hold people back unnecessarily. Therefore, we debunk them. Now, getting a perfect smile has never been easier, more comfortable, or more affordable. Plus, getting started is safer than ever with virtual consultations from home.

Get started with affordable treatment by the orthodontists in the top one percent of Invisalign providers in the entire world. (You read that right!) We’re right here in Charlotte, serving the community we love.

Myths About Orthodontics 

Below are some of the misconceptions people often have. Also, you can see Dr. Webb’s full article here.

Myth #1: Orthodontists Are Expensive

Unfortunately, many people hold off on seeking orthodontic treatment for fear of expense. Many times, they suffer quietly with oral health issues and a prematurely aged appearance. However, treatment is affordable!

At Webb & Goldsmith Orthodontics:

“Treatment options start as low as $0 down and only $78 a month with 0% interest; that’s less than $20 a week! After your initial FREE consultation with one of their doctors, you’ll meet with a financial coordinator who can review insurance benefits, HSA, FSA, and payment plan options step by step.”

Myth #2: Treatment Takes Too Long

In the past, orthodontic treatment took longer, but advances in technology mean it’s faster. So, the common myth that treatment must take two years or more doesn’t apply today.

“At Webb Ortho, the average teen is in braces around 18 months. The average Invisalign patient is in treatment around 8-12 months, but some simple Invisalign® patients finish in six months or less. While their doctors do have incredibly high standards, they will never keep you in treatment longer than you desire — when you are happy with your smile; you are done! Plus, you don’t have to wait to get started; they offer same-day braces if requested,” writes Dr. Webb.

Myth #3: Treatment Disrupts Your Life

Today’s modern braces are vastly improved over the old days. They look much less noticeable and are more efficient. Plus, Invisalign treatment offers convenience, comfort, and more freedom. Take out the aligners when you eat and clean your teeth. Or, take them out for selfies, school pictures, and professional photos. Both teens and adults can take advantage of Invisalign and get results with fewer office visits.

So, orthodontic treatment is more convenient than ever. Plus, you can get started without leaving home with a free virtual consultation from Webb & Goldsmith Orthodontics.

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Orthodontic technology has come a LONG way. Even though we still offer traditional braces and wires, the new generations of these are so much smaller, lower profile, and more comfortable than in the past. And, with the advancements of Invisalign treatment, your lifestyle and comfort can be maintained throughout the entire journey! Whatever option you choose, Webb Ortho makes it as easy and comfortable as possible and spending a short period in orthodontic treatment allows you to enjoy your smile for the rest of⠀ your life!⠀ ⠀ Schedule a complimentary consultation with us today! (704) 364-7343⠀ ⠀ #webborthodontics #webbortho #orthodontics #ortho #orthodonticmyths #charlotteortho #invisalignprovider #invisalign #braces #smile #charlottenc #orthodontist ⠀

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Myth #4: They Can’t Fix My Smile

Some people think they can’t get the results they want: a perfect smile for life. However, we can show you proof because we’ve perfected smiles of all kinds. If you think your smile can’t be perfect, prepare to be amazed.

At your free consultation, the Webb team will show you how they’ve transformed smiles similar to yours. Then, they’ll discuss a custom treatment plan just for you. And, if you are an Invisalign candidate, you can see how your results will look with a simulation on day one.

Therefore, don’t think you can’t get the results you’ve always wanted. In fact, your smile will look better than you ever thought possible. Please, see our success stories, for examples.

See more myths about orthodontics from Dr. Webb in his published article.

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We hope we’ve helped you by debunking the myths about orthodontics. Now, get started from home to find out more. Remember: A beautiful smile is within reach and more affordable, convenient, and comfortable than ever before. 

Webb & Goldsmith Orthodontics is the best choice for treatment in the Charlotte area.

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