Reduce Tooth White Spots While Wearing Braces

Reduce Tooth White Spots While Wearing Braces - Webb Orthodontics

In this post, we’ll look at why people acquire white spots on their teeth and how to treat and avoid them.

A Variety Of Factors That Can Cause Tooth White Spots.

Dental fluorosis is a prevalent cause. It’s generally a minor problem that appears just before the teeth burst through the gums. When people ingest too much fluorine as children, they develop this condition.

Enamel hypoplasia is another principal reason. When the enamel of a person’s teeth does not grow properly, this problem develops. Hypoplasia, like fluorosis, only occurs during childhood, when a person’s teeth are still growing. It can, however, raise the risk of gum disease.

Poor dental care, especially when receiving braces or eating just so many acidic or sugar meals, are some reasons for white patches on the teeth. One can treat Tooth white spots in a variety of ways. The effectiveness of these therapies may be determined by the underlying reason for the white defects and the state of the patient’s teeth.

Microabrasion Of The Enameled

Microabrasion may well be able to help some people with their white patches. A dentist removes a little bit of porcelain from the teeth during this operation to lessen the look of white spots.

Teeth whitening is sometimes used after this professional procedure to make the teeth seem more consistent in color.

Bleaching Or Whitening Of The Teeth

Over-the-counter teeth whitening options include strips and paste. A dentist can also treat white spots with more potent whitening treatments than just those available over-the-counter.

Dental Veneers

Veneers are custom fitted porcelain caps that must be installed by a dental specialist. They may become expensive as a result of this.

Composite Resin

A dentist may use restorative materials to fill cavities and bond a color matched composite resin to the patient’s teeth.

Using Fluoride-Free Water To Reduce Tooth White Spots

Making up infant formula with skeletal fluorosis water may assist in preventing excessive fluoride accumulation in the teeth of newborns who are predominantly fed infant formula.

Fluoride Supplements Should Be Taken According To The Manufacturer’s Instructions.

According to the American Dental Association, children aged six months to 16 who live in locations without fluoridated water and are at high risk of tooth decay should take dietary fluoride supplements. Only use these supplements if a medical specialist recommends them.

Sugar-laden And Acidic Meals And Beverages Should Be Avoided To Reduce Tooth White Spots.

Best Ways To Reduce Tooth White Spots While Wearing Braces - Webb & Goldsmith Orthodontics

Webb & Goldsmith Orthodontics

Some meals and drinks, particularly those heavy in sugars or acids, can erode tooth enamel and raise the risk of dental decay.

While consuming these foods and beverages regularly may be safe, doing so in excess can cause damage and blemishes, mainly white spots.

After eating these meals, drink water to help cleanse them off your teeth and lessen the risk of harm. Using a straw to drink may also be beneficial.


To improve the teeth look more uniform in color, a dentist might propose treatments such as skilled whitening or the placement of veneers.

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