LightForce Braces

Introducing Custom LightForce Braces in Charlotte

At Webb & Goldsmith Orthodontics, we are committed to helping everyone achieve the smile they deserve. A beautiful and healthy smile can have a profound impact on your life, and that’s why we offer advanced orthodontic solutions in Charlotte to provide fast, comfortable, and effective treatment for misaligned teeth. Our latest innovation, LightForce Braces, is a customizable and precise modern orthodontic system that straightens teeth in half the time, with reduced discomfort and fewer appointments.

The Advantages of LightForce Technology

LightForce technology revolutionizes dental braces treatment with its digital planning and 3D-printed braces. It offers several practical benefits over traditional methods:

  1. Faster Treatment: LightForce accelerates the treatment time, reducing the duration compared to traditional braces.
  2. Fewer Appointments: With LightForce, you’ll need fewer orthodontic visits, saving you time and effort.
  3. Enhanced Comfort: LightForce braces are designed for comfort, utilizing advanced materials and a precise mechanism for gentler tooth movement.

Clear, ceramic LightForce brackets are available at Webb & Goldsmith Orthodontics for a discreet and aesthetically-pleasing look. Each treatment is customized to suit your individual needs, and our advanced visualization software allows us to make accurate and swift adjustments to your treatment plan.

The Comfort of LightForce Brackets

Unlike traditional braces with generic brackets, LightForce brackets are custom-fit for each tooth. They are 3D-printed to match the contour of your teeth, resulting in a lighter and smaller bracket that exerts less force on the gums while ensuring better precision. The ceramic material used in these clear brackets is smoother and less likely to irritate your skin and gums, reducing the occurrence of canker sores.

Treatment Duration with LightForce Braces

On average, LightForce braces typically achieve results in 9-18 months, depending on the severity of the misalignment. This is significantly shorter than the time required for traditional braces, which can take up to two years to complete. Moreover, LightForce patients usually have appointments every 2-4 months, as opposed to the 6-week intervals of traditional braces.

LightTrays & Bite Turbos

LightForce utilizes custom-designed indirect bonding (IBD) trays known as LightTrays, making the bracket placement process more efficient. Additionally, for severe bite corrections, we offer Bite Turbos, which are bonded to the back of the teeth to maximize force for moving the teeth and jaw into their desired position.

Starting with a Light Plan

To ensure a comfortable LightForce braces treatment at Webb & Goldsmith Orthodontics, we begin with a treatment plan generated through our world-class digital planning software known as LightPlan. This personalized plan is tailored to your smile and the desired outcome, starting with 3D scans of your teeth for accurate mapping. With real-time adjustments and updates, we can swiftly finalize and approve your treatment plan.

Are LightForce Braces Right for You?

To determine if LightForce braces are the best orthodontic solution for your smile, ask yourself these five questions:

  1. Do you have a mild to severe case of malocclusion?
  2. Do you want to complete your treatment earlier?
  3. Does your busy lifestyle demand fewer orthodontic visits?
  4. Are you seeking a gentle and comfortable treatment with fewer side effects?
  5. Do you want inconspicuous braces during treatment?

If your answers are mostly YES, then LightForce braces are perfect for you! With our advanced bracket system, digital planning, and powerful mechanism, Webb & Goldsmith Orthodontics is the leading provider of LightForce braces in North Carolina. Contact us today to schedule a complimentary consultation.

Utilizing FSA and HSA for LightForce Braces

Are you aware that you can leverage your Flexible Spending Account (FSA) or Health Savings Account (HSA) for your LightForce Braces treatment? By setting aside up to $2,500 of your pre-tax dollars in your FSA, you can use these funds to help cover the cost of your braces treatment. Furthermore, you have the option to apply for FSA reimbursement to further facilitate the process.

In the case of HSA, qualifying medical expenses include those that are not covered or reimbursed by insurance. Co-pays for orthodontic visits, including treatment with LightForce Braces, are considered qualifying expenses under HSA. This means you can use your HSA funds to offset these expenses, making it a viable financial option for your orthodontic journey.