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World-class Invisalign treatment is available in Charlotte, NC, at Webb & Goldsmith Orthodontics. 

With Invisalign, you can enjoy more convenience and freedom, with no metal wires or brackets attached to your teeth. Notably, both teens and adults love how discreet Invisalign looks so that most people won’t know you’re working on your smile. 

We’re VIP: Diamond Plus Providers, among the highest-ranked providers anywhere in the world. Why does this matter? Well, it means we have extensive experience treating all kinds of smiles for teens and adults with Invisalign.

Therefore, you can feel confident throughout treatment, knowing you have the best custom plan to get results. For all orthodontic care, our team combines cutting-edge research and technology with artistic hands and eyes to create the most amazing smiles in the most efficient timeframe.

Convenient, Efficient, Effective Invisalign

Without a doubt, people of all ages enjoy the option of discreet aligners that come out when you eat, drink, or brush your teeth. Consequently, you can enjoy all your favorite foods, unlike with braces.

Also, Invisalign tends to require fewer appointments or emergency visits. All around, it’s a fantastic option for Invisalign candidates. Today, more adults than ever are getting incredible results. If you’re wondering if Invisalign can help you, the first step is free and easy. By getting started, you can begin enjoying better oral health and progress toward a beautiful smile you will be proud to show the world!

Your Local Charlotte Invisalign Experts: How Invisalign Works

Webb & Goldsmith Orthodontics and our friendly team are here to make your Charlotte Invisalign experience easy:

Schedule a complimentary consultation: First, get started with a free consultation to learn if you are an Invisalign candidate. Today, it’s never been easier with free virtual consultations. With your consultation, you will learn if Invisalign is for you, find out about our affordable financing solutions, and get answers to all your questions.

We design your custom Invisalign plan: Using the latest 3D technology, our orthodontists will design a custom plan for your unique smile. Our advanced experience allows us to design plans to get the best results as efficiently as possible. At this time, we will tell you the approximate length of your treatment, which varies by individual.

Receive your custom aligners: Webb & Goldsmith Orthodontics will work with Invisalign to create the perfect tailor-made custom set of aligners. Then, you’ll begin wearing them, taking them out only to eat, drink, brush your teeth, and clean your aligners. While you dream, the aligners will remain in your mouth, gently working to adjust your smile.

Wear each set for two weeks: Now, you’ll begin wearing the first set of aligners, usually for about two weeks. After that, you’ll switch them for the next set in the series.

On average, patients will wear a set of 12 to 48 aligners, depending on how much adjustment is required. Each time you progress to the next set, your teeth will gradually move comfortably toward the goal of a perfect smile.

We’re Here for You Throughout Treatment

Throughout treatment, Webb & Goldsmith Orthodontics will closely monitor your progress, ensuring it’s all going according to plan. Generally, these appointment “checks” will be brief and easy and allow us to perform any changes needed for ideal tooth movement. See more about Invisalign appointments here.

Start showing off your dream smile: When you reach the last set of aligners, your smile will be looking amazing! In some cases, an additional aligner set may be recommended as a fine refinement. Always, we want your smile to be the most beautiful, healthy smile possible.

Enjoy Your Dream Smile for a Lifetime!

Following orthodontic treatment, all patients will wear a retainer. Webb & Goldsmith Orthodontics will discuss how long you should wear your retainer, which varies. By wearing a retainer, teeth will remain in their ideal positions permanently. Then, you will continue to enjoy your dream smile for a lifetime.

For everyone in the Charlotte area, you can get affordable, world-class Invisalign treatment at Webb & Goldsmith Orthodontics. Get started with a free virtual appointment today, or contact us to schedule your first in-person complimentary consultation.

See more about how easy it is to care for Invisalign here.

See more about Webb & Goldsmith Orthodontics and Invisalign below:

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Invisalign For Teens in Charlotte, NC

After treatment with Invisalign Teen®, you will feel confident when you smile for your next school photo. It’s as easy as visiting our office for a free consultation and responsibly keeping up with your treatment plan all while those around you remain oblivious to the fact that you are wearing your aligners.

What is Invisalign Teen® in Charlotte?

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Invisalign® is a set of clear aligners patients wear every day to correct teeth misalignment and other dental problems including overcrowding, crookedness, overbite, underbite, crossbite, and spaces between teeth.

The aligners are virtually invisible to everyone around you so they may not even know you are wearing them.

It’s up to the patient to keep up with his or her treatment plan until completion.

How does Invisalign Teen® work?

The aligners work by gradually shifting your teeth into position over time without interfering with your lifestyle. The only change will be to your overall dental routine. You must wear the aligners for at least 20 hours a day for maximum effectiveness. Failure to do so could cause delays in treatment, meaning you will have to wear them longer than necessary and may have to switch to traditional braces.

A consultation is the first step to getting Invisalign Teen®, during which an impression or model of your teeth is made to map out the condition and position of your teeth and how they will shift.

Slight discomfort when first using your aligners is normal because your teeth are shifting, but it won’t last long. However, you will receive a new set of aligners every two weeks to start the next phase of shifting, so you may feel the same discomfort when you begin using every new set.

Always remove your aligners before you eat or before you play sports. Be sure to wear a mouthguard.

Take the opportunity to clean your aligners whenever you take them out to remove bacteria and plaque that could cause additional dental issues such as cavities, tooth decay, and gum disease. Make sure you keep up with follow-up dental appointments so your orthodontist can evaluate your progress.

How long does Invisalign Teen® take to work?

Again, you must wear your aligners for up to 20 hours a day and use a new set every two weeks. Some patients start noticing results in weeks, but it can take 12 to 18 months to complete treatment. It’s possible to complete treatment sooner if you are taking it seriously.

How much progress you make during treatment is up to you. Failure to wear your aligners will result in setbacks in your treatment, which means it will take longer to complete.

Invisalign Teen® Cost in Charlotte

Invisalign Teen® treatment costs between $5,000 to $8,000 and is comparable to regular Invisalign® for adults. Your dental insurance may cover all or part of your treatment costs, so contact your provider to ask about what your plan covers. It could save you thousands in out-of-pocket costs.

In addition, orthodontists offer payment plan options that work with just about any budget and can provide information on other financing options.

Differences between Invisalign Teen® and Invisalign® for adults

There are only slight differences between Invisalign Teen® and Invisalign® for adults. The most significant difference is that the aligners for teens feature a blue dot that slowly fades away the more the aligners are worn. That means parents have the opportunity to check on their child’s progress themselves simply by looking at the dot. A visible blue dot warrants a reminder to your child that they should be spending more time wearing their aligners.

Teens also receive more aligners during treatment because they are more likely to lose or damage the aligners.  Don’t worry. The extra aligners are included in the overall cost, which is no different from the cost of regular Invisalign® treatment.

Invisalign Teen® vs. Traditional Braces

Invisalign Teen Charlotte Nc

There are a lot of differences and similarities between Invisalign Teen® and traditional braces to be aware of before you make a decision.

While Invisalign® doesn’t require much change to your lifestyle, braces will change a lot of things. For instance, there are dietary restrictions you must follow while wearing braces, whereas clear removable aligners allow you to eat whatever you want.

Braces are visible while Invisalign® is virtually invisible. So, your level of self-consciousness when smiling will likely be different, at least at first.

You cannot remove braces because they are bonded to the front of each tooth. Invisalign® aligners are removable at all times. This can affect treatment because braces are constantly working by shifting your teeth throughout the duration while Invisalign® treatment could suffer delays if not consistently and responsibly worn for 20 hours a day.

Invisalign® is easier to clean than braces because they are removable and you don’t have to visit the dentist as often.

Braces cost the same as Invisalign® and both treatments last about the same amount of time.

If your teen is not committed to wearing Invisalign® every day, braces may be the best choice for them. However, your teen can be easily switched to braces if Invisalign® is not working out.

Before and After

Invisalign Teen not only fixes your teeth but also changes your life for the better by giving you confidence in your smile. Don’t just take it from us. Here are stories from real-life patients:

Webb & Goldsmith Orthodontics proudly provides in Invisalign Teen®  in Charlotte

Our staff at Webb & Goldsmith Orthodontics wants to help you achieve a smile that will last a lifetime. We offer Invisalign® and Invisalign Teen® treatments and will do our best to make you feel as comfortable and confident as possible whether you choose Invisalign Teen® or traditional braces. To make an appointment, please call our office at 704-364-7343 or visit our website today! Allow us to assist you in this journey from start to finish. The result will be a new smile and a new you, not only in the mirror every morning but also in every photo.