Is Invisalign Right for Me? Find Out From the Experts

Is Invisalign Right For Me

Is Invisalign right for me? Today, over nine million people and counting have benefitted from Invisalign. The convenient, discreet aligners offer more freedom while you work on your smile. So, more adults are getting started and getting the smiles they always wanted.

Notably, both teens and adults love how discreet Invisalign looks. So, most people won’t know you’re wearing aligners, and you can feel more confident throughout treatment. For professionals and sometimes self-conscious teens, this is a big advantage. However, there are many more benefits. Let’s take a look.

Invisalign Allows You to Eat Your Favorite Foods

Unlike braces, Invisalign comes out during treatment. So, that means you can take them out to enjoy your favorite foods. All by itself, this is a huge perk for anybody working on their smile.

With braces, you must be a little more mindful of foods that can damage wires and brackets. Of course, it’s always a good idea to limit sugary, sticky foods. And, it’s necessary to avoid letting hot or staining liquids touch your aligners.

Since Invisalign comes out, you can clean your teeth like usual, another big advantage. However, when aligners come out, you must keep track and keep them safe at all times. Plus, aligners get dirty and need routine careful cleaning.

Another plus: Invisalign has no wires or brackets to require adjustments or emergency visits for a break. Generally, you may need fewer appointments overall as compared to braces.

Invisalign Treats All Kinds of Smiles

Over the years, Invisalign has continuously improved. Now, it can effectively treat patients of almost any age. Plus, Invisalign can treat all kinds of malocclusions (misaligned teeth and jaws). By straightening and aligning your teeth and jaws, you can avoid serious health concerns and look better than ever before. So, Invisalign is not merely cosmetic but improves your overall health and confidence.

Today, Invisalign can treat problems like:

  • Crowding
  • Open Bites
  • Deep Bites
  • Crossbites
  • Underbites
  • Overbites

Most often, people have an overbite, and few people have a perfect smile. With Invisalign, you can get that perfect smile you deserve. Please, check out our Success Stories for examples of our incredible smile transformations. 

If you’re wondering if Invisalign or braces can help you, chances are you, too, can have a perfect smile.

Today, it’s a great time to work on your smile as we are wearing masks and staying at home more. Then, you’ll be ready to show off a spectacular smile when we return to large gatherings!

Your Invisalign World Leader in Charlotte

Webb & Goldsmith Orthodontics are leaders and certified Invisalign providers in the top 1% of providers. As VIP Diamond Plus Providers, we are among the most experienced in the world! 

So, you can expect word-class Invisalign treatment in a friendly, comfortable environment. It’s why our patients consistently vote us the best orthodontist in the Charlotte area year after year.

We love serving our Charlotte community and providing the best orthodontic experiences and results.

Find Out if Invisalign is Right for Me from Home

Today, it’s so easy to find out if you’re a candidate for Invisalign. And, you don’t even need to leave the house. 

Take a FREE virtual consultation from Webb & Goldsmith Orthodontics, world leaders in Invisalign. 

First, submit some photos of your smile. Then, our team will review them and reply with your free smile assessment. It’s easy, and soon, you’ll have the facts you need. For example, find out if Invisalign or braces may work better for you, and learn about our wonderful affordable payment plans. 

Now, you can stay within budget and get the care you deserve, even without dental insurance. However, we’ll help maximize any benefits if you have insurance.

Also, get answers to any questions you may have. Finally, schedule your first in-person consult when you’re ready. Simple!

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